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Maria Moutsov & Associates Inc.

Our Vision.

We create self-generating teams that produce unprecedented results, by fostering synergistic environments that can triumph over the challenge of the day, leaving everyone accomplished, victorious and recognized for their contribution.

Maria Moutsov & Associates Inc.

Our Peak Performance Programs Produce Dramatic Results In:

Sales, Customer Service, Marketing,  Operations, Administration, Management, New Business start ups, Warehouse, mergers and acquisitions,  Hiring, Succession Planning  (Biodata™),   and Organization Development.

Fortune 50

Our continuous success is the result of over 36 years of service with Fortune 50 International clients allowing us the opportunity to serve for over 22 consecutive years with the same clients!

Continuous service allows us to witness the impact of our programs in key initiatives that affect sales, efficiency, overall growth and individual careers.

Maria Moutsov & Associates Inc.
Maria Moutsov & Associates Inc.

Small Business

In recent years, we have taken our International Fortune 50 experience and brought it to small organizations in Canada and US, directly impacting dramatic growth in   sales and profitability.

It is very gratifying to see small business strive to achieve operational excellence that clearly gives them the competitive edge.

The Tools In Our Tool Box

  • Biodata™ Performance and Behavior assessments provide us with precise information in order to appoint the right person in the right seat on the bus, hire, promote, design on boarding, training programs, succession planning, and mentoring programs that motivate peak performance.
  • Tailor made coaching sessions that improve interpersonal relations and cultural dynamics that impact productivity.
  • Building teams that produce unprecedented results in record braking time .
  • Motivating and maintaining motivation over time.
  • Resolving conflicts and communication issues.
  • Accountabilities not just job descriptions.
  • Leadership Programs and individual coaching for peak performance and breakthrough results.
Maria Moutsov & Associates Inc.
  • Influential language/sales and leadership - selling with the influential language - influential language in leadership.
  • Communication, Commitment and team work projects that produce unprecedented results.
  • Talent Assessment in Mergers and Acquisitions.
Maria Moutsov & Associates Inc.

Human Resource Acquisitions

  • Downsizing efficiently and effectively.
  • Re-assigning tasks, projects and accountabilities.
  • Succession planning, mentoring & career development programs.
  • Hiring (Biodata™).
  • Evaluating Human Potential.
  • Assessing Talent.
  • Behavior Prediction and Behavior modification.